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The possibility of a 0 waste event in Sri Lanka!

Wild Collective is an event about our commitment to mother earth as human beings - "To be better custodians of our planet'. As we approach April 5th we have been asked many questions - Is a 0 waste festival which would host about 300 people be possible?? are we joking?? This was our answer:

Answer to questions raised on social media. Reply by Dilsiri Welikala:

'Hi, Thanks for raising your concerns. Yes it's the hottest but we have music and outdoorsy stuff planned before 10am and after 4 pm. The workshops etc happen under shade. For those who still want to be outdoors, we do have shaded areas in the middle of the coconut estate. We have a 9 acre property. For further precautions a trained first aider will be on site. Regarding water we have free water dispensers available. Guests can simply refill bottles. We have not had water issues in Kandakuliya. Up the peninsular on the islands, they do but that is no where close to us. All vendors food in particular will be in 2 fixed areas where meals will be on re-usable cutlery and crockery. We don't want even encourage take away. We only do glass beer bottles and soft drinks at the hotel. We have a cap for 300 people maximum though realistically we ll have about 150 to 200. Whatever waste that is generated if at all, is collected, segregated by our hotel staff and goes to our own collection site where we then send to eco 360 for recycling. We don't send our waste to pradeshiya sabha coz they don't have a proper waste management system. Running a zero waste event/ close to zero waste (I say this because even when we drive we have emissions) is a reality. We ran kalpitiya's first zero waste 2 km sea swim with 300 in attendance, fed them all and had no waste. With planning and effort it's possible. Yes Sri Lanka seems to be going to the dumps but if the youth like us don't make a change then who would? The festival is more than a burning man or atman style party, it's about engaging youth to step out of the system and be better stewards of the earth. I add that we have a secure private festival ground (my own property), added security as well as backing from local village. Police and relevant government agencies are notified to comply with legal requirements and extra portable washrooms have been ordered. My co organisers have been to festivals and they know the lapses especially in terms of security and safety. It's our own festival with no corporate sponsors in our own property so it is in our best interest to make it smooth and successful."



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