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Don't bring your plastic to Kalpitiya!

Hi there people of the wild! We have a Massive request from all of you.. When your packing your bag to get to Kalpitiya - think twice about every single bit of plastic you bring from home - shampoo, tooth paste, tooth brush, food in plastic packaging and every other item of plastic you plan on bringing here because we don't want you to leave any of it here - TAKE IT ALL BACK WITH YOU OR DON'T BRING IT IN THE 1st PLACE!! This festival is about realizing & manifesting true change in order to make the world a better place. One main factor is that we want people to realize is that we must break our addiction & utter mindless dependence to single use plastics - your convenience is destroying our planet. We are not blaming you, your bad habits are subliminally encouraged and en-grained into your very biology by years of systematized exposure to advertising deliberately created by the large corporations who produce these useless products - they spend billions of dollars in advertising & marketing to make you believe utter nonsense: like a shampoo makes you beautiful!!?? or a fizzy drink can bring families together!!??. At Wild Collective we will show you that you can look prettier and cleaner than ever before without the use of chemical infused products that come in plastic packaging. We will all get together and talk about new solutions - We will wake up and empty our minds with yoga, relax and let go with sound healing and therapy and break free from the jealous claws of our egos through dance, music and art!

We will have a sustainability stall which will have alternate products for the everyday plastic we use - Metal straws, Bamboo tooth brushes. Our food vendors have gone to the level of creating edible cups s you wont even see any one time use plastic unless you bring it to Kalpitiya yourself!! It all starts and ends with you!

The wild collective will have Natural product making workshops where you can learn how to make your own Sun block & Soap at home using awesome natural products that are around us. We can start the process of unlearning and realize what a blessing it is to be truly wild and in touch with nature.

Sacred geometry workshops where we will discus how the visual medium has been used to program us into buying so many brands and products that we don't need. Products packaging that's clogging our waterways, polluting our oceans, killing marine life and also ending up back in our own bodies!

Legendary Systems Ecologist Ranil Senanayaka will also hold discussions and a talk on environmental action. New ways by which technologies like block chain can be utilized to measure and give economic value to the contribution by trees and forest systems towards the global commons by way of producing Oxygen & Water.

We will have all day art workshops where we will get together and turn the trash that ends up on our beach into art!

Join us as we strive to change the way we do things! let us be wild and free!

April 5th, 6th & 7th 2019




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