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All about Feud - live act from the Maldives

Sending out our apologies to Feud - an artist we are all looking forward to seeing at Wild Collective - We mentioned him as a DJ on our poster but he is anything but a DJ:

FEUD is a down-tempo dub-wise experimental project of Maldivian musician/producer Freedom Fira ( Yakawrath ). Influenced by artist such as Nicolas Jaar, and his side project Darkside, Feud combines electronic and organic musical elements. . Initially started off three years ago in the streets of Male’ as a two piece experimental band , with Fira’s long time student Naanu on guitars and Fira on vocals and live looping, Feud’s music and lyrics talks about social-religious issues which they had to face growing up in Maldives . After a break with no noise for two years , Feud makes a comeback this time with just Fira playing guitars, and live looping using his laptop to create and manipulate music on the spot . Full on experimental sonic fun!! Fira is also plays bass for Paranoid Earthling and is a graphic artist and painter.



Dilsiri - +94773686235, Keira - +94777277554, Sala - +94777038670

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